Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tuesdays Tip

If you are anything like me you have boxes, drawers or albums full of pictures! I know ; we all mean to organize them and identify them advice don't wait that long! Bake a cake, put on a pot of coffee..send out dinner invitations...get family together and spread all your photos out on the table and start talking! I was lucky my grandfather was so thrilled that I was interested in the photos that he gave me every one he ever found. His main interests were his service days at Fort Ethan Allen in Winooski Vt. I would have never known what those photos meant to him! Or that the guard contingent in one was around...Charles Lindbergh's' plane! He had a copy of my fathers high school photo ( the other was torn up in anger years ago) much information! Make sure you get archival pens specifically for writing on the backs of photos. Most camera shops carry them. Never try and peel photos off that are stuck to a page! re photograph them where they are or better yet scan them! We have had amazing luck with just a point and shoot Canon! Jot down or maybe record stories..when its gone its gone! There are still so many things I would have loved to know! Who's in that tin type in the desk drawer? Who is the woman in the photo BEHIND gramp's photo that said " all my Love Mary?" Yes check behind the photos in cardboard frames..I have found 2 surprises that way! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hi! I wanted to thank you for your nice comment on my blog, but I didn't know how to contact you. I'm so glad you like Mullins! :o)

    My mom has oodles of old photo folios; I'm not sure if she found surprises behind them or not. Genealogy can be a fun pursuit.